Heatwave Hero - Father's Day Gift Box

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This Father's Day, let's salute our backyard heroes with this special SPICEY collection of our HOTTEST gourmet foods – for our dads! Masters of the grill and champions of all things spicy, they turn every BBQ into an epic adventure. Whether it's the perfectly charred steak or the hot sauce that brings tears (of joy) to our eyes, dads know how to spice up our lives in the best ways. Celebrate their legendary status with the "Heatwave Hero Box" by Wild Groves. Because who needs a cape when you have BBQ tongs and a fiery apron? Cheers to the dads who make our taste buds dance and our hearts sing!  

1 x 500ML Bottle - Jalapeno & Habanero Limited Edition Crushed Olive Oil
1 x 500ML Bottle - Jalapeno & Garlic Flavored Olive Oil
1 x Jalapeno Stuffed Olives
1 x Tequila Jalapeno Mustard
1 x Jalapeno Sea Salt

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Dad's know spice!