Hi guys!  Starting next week, I’m going to be hopping on social media and showing up in your inbox to talk about each of Wild Grove’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Every week, we’ll highlight one of our 6 EVOOs, and share the total rundown. We’re talking variety, genetics, blend, health benefits, flavor profiles, uses and so much more.

And as a special thanks for tuning in, each week I’ll be sharing my family’s go-to recipe for using that particular oil in a super convenient download you can take on the go, give away, use or share.

So, if you haven’t already, be sure to hop on the email list RIGHT HERE. But if you’re like, eh… no email list for me, that’s totally ok. All the info will be going live right here on the blog, too, every Tuesday for the next 6 weeks!

Tune in next Tuesday as I start the EVOO Rundown with my personal fave, Ascolano.

See you soon!

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