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Hi, I’m Dewey Lucero, and I know olive oil!  

My family and I are the founders and owners of Wild Groves, located in the northern California town of Newcastle.

I represent the fourth generation of Lucero olive farmers, producers, tasters, and blenders. It’s safe to say that I have olive oil running in my blood! At over a century old, my family’s groves in Corning, California are some of the oldest in the country. Our ancient olive trees, as well as the fox family living among them, were the inspiration behind the name of our new brand, as well as the logo. If you’d like to read more about the fox’s story, see below or (click here).  

For over a decade I've been working in the olive oil industry, and I’ve tasted thousands of oils. In doing so, I’ve become the most awarded olive oil taster in the U.S.A., winning over three hundred top awards, including five “Best of Shows” at the yearly COOC Annual Membership Meeting (the largest olive oil competition in CA) and Best Of Show at the California State Fair. Having spent literally thousands of hours developing this skill (and let’s face it, obsession), I feel confident in saying that Wild Groves olive oil is the best in quality and taste around. I know this because I taste and blend every olive oil that leaves our facility, and that’s something I’m very proud of.

“Wild Groves” is dedicated to providing fresh California-grown extra virgin olive oil that is certified to be 100% authentic, the most important certification an olive oil can have by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). With recent findings of widespread fraudulent labeling of extra virgin olive oil (particularly with imports, see the 60 MINUTES Report and UC Davis Study), we believe it is our mission to not only provide an authentic, certified, fresh extra virgin olive oil from California, but to also educate the marketplace in the process. To read more about truth in labeling, and our certified olive oils, (click here to read my last blog post and interview with the COOC).  


I live in Newcastle with my wife and two little boys, goof-balls full of energy, just like me. They are always ready to help me mow the field or jump in the pool for a game of “big splash.” I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and while there I was a member of the triathlon team, which is how I met my wife – go Mustangs!  Katie has been my biggest supporter, a life-long partner and an amazing mother. The entire family is very active, as Katie and I have both continued our triathlon enthusiasm, having raced hundreds of races between us. Family life has slowed us down a bit, but we still get after it throughout the week, especially on our Saturday runs to the farmer’s market with the boys. 

We hope to be shipping you a bottle of Certified, California Grown, Extra Virgin Olive Oil very soon! As a side note, I’m always asked what my favorite EVOO is, and my family’s favorite is the Ascolano. We guarantee you’ll love it with it’s tropical rich flavors!

- Dewey & Family -

Watch the VIDEO - A Family Legacy of Olives: 


A few photos from the Family Groves:

Century Old Olive Trees in Corning, CA
Century Old Olive Trees in Corning, CA


Inspecting the grove for the upcoming harvest!
Inspecting the grove for the upcoming harvest!


Sevillano Variety Olives on the Family Farm
Sevillano Variety Olives on the Family Farm


Thank You - Team Wild Groves!



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