Olio Nuovo | New Oil

Olio Nuovo | New Oil

The health benefits of olive oil is not new news. In fact, for generations and generations, we have been using olive oil as source of nutrient rich benefits for our bodies – digestion, skin, hair and nails, anti-inflammatory properties, and so much more.

The world’s longest living cultures have turned to olive oil as mainstay. 

The fresher the oil, the more amazing qualities it has. That’s why we boast about our Olio Nuovo every year, and encourage that it’s used before it’s even 4 months old. Get all the benefits you can from that fresh, cloudy, nutrient dense goodness.

But what do we really believe Olio Nuovo can do for you?

Along with all the well-known health boots, such as reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, protecting against Alzheimer’s disease and reducing the risk of heart disease, olio nuovo is even richer in polyphenols.

What are polyphenols and why should we care?

Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant. Like other antioxidants, polyphenols fight stress and can protect against aging struggles, like heart disease and high blood pressure. 

Even better, the higher the polyphenol content, the higher the anti-inflammatory properties. Just a simple two tablespoons of olive oil per day can react in your body similarly to taking ibuprofen. 

What does Olio Nuovo mean?

Olio Nuovo literally means “new oil,” or in our world, the freshest oil you can find. Our Olio Nuovo is ultra-fresh — harvested, milled and bottled within 4 days. We harvest most of our Olio Nuovo in the fall, and this season’s oil is a blend of a new oil variety and an oldie: Chiquititia and Arbequina. 

How does it taste?

Our Olio Nuovo is super smooth and buttery in the mouth, with ripe flavors of red apples and pears, light artichoke and smooth almond notes. You’ll see the difference before you even taste the oil. It’s very cloudy and opaque in the bottle, and a wonderful green, vibrant color when poured. 

Our Olio Nuovo is nearly gone!  Don't miss out!


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  • We do ‘just drink it’! 2 TBS per day… and eat it on everything! The best COOC EVOO ever! Thank you Wild Groves!

    Kim Mosteller on
  • This oil is working like a magic for my autistic son.thanks wild groves

    Nadia Ali on
  • Your olive oil is soooo good I could just drink it. Thank you for such great olive oil.

    Rosalie Kimberlin on

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