the WG Fox Box

the WG Fox Box

Announcing the first 


2018 Fox Box EXCLUSIVELY for our WG family (that's you!)

3 brand new bottles per month for 3 months

Receive the NEW 2018 WG products before they are released to the public, and get a major discount as our THANK YOU for being the first to try them!

How it works:

Sign up for the Fox Box club HERE
Beginning in March, you will receive 3 bottles per month, for three months, to your doorstep! No extra ordering required.
Because you are the FIRST to try these products, you are receiving
25% off these products
when opting in for the Fox Box! 


3 shipments at $49.50 (total cost of $148.50) This is 25% off total cost of product!
You will be charged each time a box is shipped to you.
Every package will contain 3 500ml bottles of BRAND NEW WG EVOO OR BALSAMICS, tasting notes for each product, and an original featured WG recipes for each product.
The new products are being kept under wraps until your first shipment goes out, but we can tell you it's full of tropical and fruity white and dark balsamics, a fantastic new EVOO blend, and a herbacious flavored oil you won't be able to resist.
Look for the first tasting video, being released NEXT WEEK to our email subscribers!
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