What is Kickstarter to Wild Groves?

Kickstarter is more than “crowd funding” and raising money for Wild Groves, it’s a tool for us to jump start our new brand, creating a community, a “tribe,” that is passionate about what we do and the products we produce, that have similar lifestyles and enjoy food to the “fullest.” It’s also a way for us to educate, and spread our knowledge as far as we possibly can about extra virgin olive oil, it’s health benefits, uses in cooking and how its important to look for certified olive oils so that you know, and have the piece of mind, that what you are buying is in fact 100% authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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  • The first days are most important for a campaign, the more traffic to your campaign, the higher it appears in search results and better chance it has to be featured as a "favorite."
  • So please visit the page soon, and consider supporting our campaign.
  • The best way to increase traffic to your campaign page is to spread the word through social media quickly, so please pass on our information and link where you can to help spread the word.
  • Kickstarter has helped to launch hundreds of thousands of start-up companies, just like ours: Wild Groves. 

Olive oil and Gourmet

Thank you from Dewey and the Family