Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mild, Herbaceous, Everyday Use

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The California Chardonnay of the Olive Oil Industry

*Gold Medal Winner - California State Fair 2024*

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First Cold Pressed - Certified 100% EVOO
Olive Variety - Arbequina
Flavor & Aroma
 - Fruity, smooth, ripe olive notes with rich red apple, buttery almond and green artichoke.
Growing Region: Northern California (Sacramento Valley)
Harvest Date: November 2023 by mechanical harvesting
Polyphenol (antioxidant) count: 290 gallic eq mg/kg
Free Fatty Acid (FFA): 0.15 % oleic
Peroxide Value (PV): 5.39  meq O2/Kg
UV Absorbance (K232): 1.697
UV Absorbance (K270): 0.136
UV Absorbance (Delta K): -0.0071

Avg. Yield: 32 gallons/ton

Certified 100% EVOO by:

  • California Olive Oil Council (COOC
  • Applied Sensory Panel

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a superfood high in polyphenols.  Polyphenols are antioxidants that attack bad "free radicals" in our bodies, ultimately helping us live longer.  EVOO's high in polyphenols have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits when consumed regularly.  

More Info: 

Arbequina (the most widely planted olive in California, specifically for olive oil).  This is a Spanish varietal, smaller in size with a very good pit to meat ratio.  The oil yield for this olive is higher than most, typically around 40-42 gallons/ton.  Most plantings in CA are grown in Super High Density (SH) hedge rows, where there are nearly 700 trees per acre, and they are mechanically harvested with "over the row" harvesters like trellised grapes.  Typical plantings are 12 feet between the rows, and trees are planted 6ft apart.  They are fast growing and fast yielding trees.  Typically yielding fruit in year 2, and harvestable in year 3.  Fruit is fairly small.

Flavor & Aroma - Fruity, fresh, ripe olive with rich red apple, buttery almond and green artichoke.  Many say there are delicate rich flavors of green hay, which we believe to come from it's "milder" flavor.  Because it's so widely planted, we call it the "Chardonnay" of the California Olive Oil Industry, making it a great entry-level California EVOO, and one you can use every day, in all applications with it's mild smooth flavor. It's what we have in our kitchen. 

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil


15ML = 1 tbsp
33 Servings = 1 x 500ML Bottle
Zero Transfat 
High in polyphenols (antioxidants)
First Cold Pressed