OLIO NUOVO - The Freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil On The Planet!

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New Harvest 2023 OLIO NUOVO is Here

Hello all you Extra Virgins, its Dewey, your Olive Oil Guru! Olio Nuovo season is here in California.  This is your chance to experience the freshest evoo possible, milled within hours of coming off the trees, and shipped to you in just days of us bottling it.  These are our first bottles of the year, and our most sold olive oil - ever!

Bottle Size - 500ML
Harvest Date 
- 11/1/23
Olive Variety
 - Arbequina, Ascolano, Koroneiki (blend)

Flavor & Aroma - It is cloudy and golden in color, with bright fruit flavors, like ripe green apples, kiwi & peaches.  It finishes with a complex herbaceousness, and a peppery kick from the extremely high polyphenols.  Truly like no other olive oil you'll ever taste, it's the freshest EVOO you can get!
California Grown - Hand harvested in Northern California
Avg. Yield: 26 gallons/ton

Perfect for the kitchen! 

OLIO NUOVO means "New Oil" in Italian and is a celebration of the beginning of harvest season for olive oil. This oil is literally harvested, pressed, bottled and shipped to you in just a few days, making it the freshest and healthiest EVOO you can possibly get! Some call it Olio Nuevo (Spanish) and others Olio Novello (French). Either way, it’s the BEST!

This EVOO is a seasonal SPECIALTY
Available for only a couple of months each year Nov - Dec
Meant to be consumed quickly

Olio Nuovo is like fresh fruit & vegetables.  It should be consumed right away to enjoy the fresh flavors and health benefits of its high polyphenols.  We recommend it be consumed within 4 months of the harvest date.


That's easy, two reasons - the health benefits and fresh flavor! When olive oil is first made, it's at its absolute best, full of polyphenols (antioxidants) with fresh fruity flavors and aromas, it's amazingly delicious!