Orange Blossom Honey

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California Orange Blossom Honey 

Made from bees buzzing around California. 

Flavor & Aroma: Sweet, golden smooth, with a delicate citrus finish 

Ingredient: 100% California Honey 

Wild Grove's new California Orange Blossom Honey is made 100% naturally by bees buzzing through orange groves of small family farms in California.  You'll notice the sweet smooth texture, with summery notes of citrus.  Absolutely delicious on it's own, drizzled over fresh sliced fruit with yogurt, warmed cornbread or in a classic vinaigrette.

Try our new honey balsamic vinaigrette! (get the recipe on our blog)

Simple, delicious and full of summer flavors!

Our new Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette is a truly delightful addition to any salad or dish. It combines the tangy richness of our thick white balsamic vinegar with the natural sweetness of honey, resulting in a flavor profile that is both refreshing and satisfying.  All you need is a jar for shaking!