Blackberry Balsamic Shrub Part 1

Blackberry Balsamic Shrub Part 1

Blackberry Balsamic Shrub


Ditch the TikTok Viral “It taste like a coke drink” and let’s make the real deal. During the 1700’s Balsamic Shrubs were enjoyed by farmhands to rejuvenate after a hard days work. This balsamic infused drink is both refreshing and tasty.
  • 1 Cup of Fresh Blackberries (You may also substitute for any of your favorite fruits from strawberries, to peaches, and pineapple). Even fruit that may be close to being tossed.
  • Juice of two lemons
  • 1 Cup of Granulated Sugar, (If you are trying to skip sugar. Add honey but only use 3/4 cup, as honey is sweeter). Or any other sweetener of your liking, that’s the fun with Shrubs there are no rules.
  • 1 Cup of Wild Groves’ Traditional Balsamic Vinegar
In a mason jar add blackberries. (My recipe I just divided the recipe in half, as I was using smaller mason jars). Top 1 cup of sugar over berries, and lightly toss so that each of the berries are properly covered. Add the juice of 2 lemons, and the shining ingredient 1 cup of Wild Groves’ Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Cover the top of jar with parchment paper, and seal with cap tightly. (Because Vinegar is very acidic, you want to place the parchment paper so it does erode the lid). I need to run to the store for more parchment paper, so temporarily I just used sandwich bags. Once lid is tightly secured, shake the mason jar until all the contents are thoroughly combined. Then place in fridge and allow to infuse for a couple days.
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