Olives - The Oldest Crop Cultivated by Humans......Ever!

Olives - The Oldest Crop Cultivated by Humans......Ever!
Let's talk Harvest, and this special time that only comes once a year.

Harvest time typically happens in late summer or early fall when the olive fruit begins ripening to a tone of dark purple or black. Olives begin as a bright green color and begin to turn color as they ripen.

Ripe purplish colored olives are less bitter and have a spongy exterior. Whereas green olives can be very pungent and are much firmer.

Olive fruit on the tree may ripen at different times depending on the amount of sunlight, temperature, irrigation, and differing olive varieties.

Olives are the earliest crop known to be cultivated by humans, having been grown and harvested for the last 6,000 years. Historically relying on large stone grinding wheels drawn by livestock.

Once picked from the trees, the olive fruit will be ground and milled within hours to ensure the flavor and quality of the oil is in it's peak condition.
Olio Nuovo is the symbol of another olive harvest, a new year of fresh olive oil, and is the year's very first newly cold pressed olive oil.

Olio Nuovo is available for pre-order at the Wild Groves shop. Jump into freshness and celebrate the thrilling experience of the very first Olive Oil of the 2022 Harvest.
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