Olio Nuovo - The Freshest Olive Oil On The Planet!

Olio Nuovo - The Freshest Olive Oil On The Planet!

OLIO NUOVO is the freshest, healthiest, and most awaited extra virgin olive oil on the planet!  Available now!

OLIO NUOVO means "New Oil" in Italian, and is a celebration of the beginning of harvest season for olive oil. This oil is literally harvested, pressed, bottled and shipped to you in just a few days, making it the freshest and healthiest EVOO you can possibly get! Some call it Olio Nuevo (Spanish) and others Olio Novello (French). Either way, it’s the BEST!

This years Olio Nuovo has an electric fruity flavor with notes of peaches and apricots, a nice peppery sizzle, and a bright fresh green pungency.

Olio Nuovo is like fresh fruit & vegetables. It should be consumed right away to enjoy the fresh flavors and health benefits of its high polyphenols. We recommend it be consumed within 4 months of harvest.  Unlike other oils, Olio Nuovo does not go through filtering or racking to clear the olive sediment. By skipping these steps the olive oil retains a thick cloudy appearance.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a seasonal SPECIALTY harvest right here in Northern California. Available for only a couple of months each year Oct - Dec.

Our favorite way to enjoy this fresh extra virgin olive oil, is by grabbing a giant fresh baguette, pouring Olio Nuovo into a big platter, adding a drizzle of our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar with a sprinkle of sea salt, and dipping away!  Pour generously over salads, drizzling into soups, or marinating fish, poultry, or beef.

Enjoy! - Dewey, Family & Team Wild Groves.  

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