New Harvest EVOO's - Launching Now!

New Harvest EVOO's  - Launching Now!

We are launching our new harvest 2023 EVOO's today! 

Kitchen Blend - Mild & smooth with delicate fruit notes, a perfect everyday olive oil to use everywhere in the kitchen.

Ascolano - Fruity & medium intensity, with incredible notes of peach, apricots and green tropical flavors.  The perfect finishing olive oil for dipping bread, salads and drizzling over pasta.  Also our most awarded olive oil over the years! 

Foxy - Our highest polyphenol EVOO at over 500!  This is a complex robust olive oil, with a nice pepper kick (the tingle on the back of your throat) from the polyphenols.  A lot of green herbaceous notes, but nicely rounded out with fruity components of Ascolano, fantastically well balanced.

Picual - A unique variety not widely grown in CA we were able to get our hands on.  This olive oil boasts strong olive notes, like bitting into an olive right off the tree, and has a nice smooth nutty finish.  If you are looking for an oil with old-world traditional flavor, this is it! 

Coratina - Known world-wide to be a big robust olive oil, this year's Coratina does not disapoint.  This olive oil is big and complex with green herbacious notes right from the beginning, and a polyphenol count at almost 500!  Cinnamon notes finish the olive oil off, making it a delicious finishing oil, drizzle away!

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