EVOO Cooking Secrets

EVOO Cooking Secrets

Here at Wild Groves, we have delighted numerous health-conscious individuals through our best extra virgin olive oil in California. Through this blog section, we aim to educate olive oil enthusiasts on different aspects of extra virgin olive oil.

Here, we discuss some cooking secrets related to olive oil that you should know.

  • Enhance the flavor of brown rice by adding a tablespoon of olive oil. You will love the taste of this healthy combination.
  • You can substitute the butter with olive oil for baking cookies, bread, and cakes. This dramatically reduces your guilt while consuming baked
  • Keep your homemade pesto fresh by adding a layer of EVOO over it. This should be done after transferring the pesto into a jar.
  • Want to enjoy the flavor of those world famous burgers at home? Before molding and frying, add a small amount of intense olive oil to your patty mix.
  • Do you love ice cream? Well, who doesn’t? It becomes more delicious if you drizzle some olive oil over it. And yeah, add a pinch of sea salt to further enhance the taste. Ascolano olive oil from out store is best for this purpose.
  • You can amplify the richness of the chocolate flavor in your desserts by adding olive oil. Our chocolate olive oil is specially prepared for baking purposes.
To try all these cooking secrets, make sure you use the best quality EVOO from a trusted maker. Get a unique range of extra virgin olive oils from here.
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