Releasing NEW 2022 Harvest EVOO!

Releasing NEW 2022 Harvest EVOO!

Break bread with Dewey, sound the horns and pop the champagne! 

Fresh 2022 harvest extra virgin olive oils are available now (see them all here)!

Our new 2022 Harvest EVOO's have dropped, and we couldn't be more excited. It's like spring cleaning every year at this time, we move out all the old harvest olive oils, and bottle and pack fresh new harvest olive oils that are bursting with fruity green aromas, lively fresh complex flavors, and at their peak for health benefits. Here is the line-up in order of intensity and flavor.

Kitchen Blend - mild, smooth & buttery
Arbequina - fruity with flavors of almonds and artichoke
Ascolano - complex fruit and green flavors with notes of peaches, apricots and tomato leaf
Robust Blend - even more complex with herbaceous green flavors, red apple and kiwi
Foxy - highest in polyphenols at 500+, robust & complex with big fruity green notes and a peppery kick

You will notice that our fresh new harvest olive oils have more intense aromas and flavors, strongly resembling the unique characteristics of each variety and blend of olive oil because of their freshness. Polyphenol counts are also at their peak in fresh olive oil, so you get maximum health benefits. Polyphenols are antioxidants, the reason why high-quality extra virgin olive oils are so good for your body, naturally helping to relieve pain with anti-inflammatory properties, helping to repair and protect cells which can help protect your body from disease, ultimately helping you quite possibly live longer and much healthier. Make it a daily routine to consume quality extra virgin olive oil for life-long health benefits.

Enjoy our new harvest EVOO's, they are delicious!

Dewey, Family & The Wild Groves Team

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