Tasty Tapenades

Tasty Tapenades
Tasty Tapenades:

Originating in France, olive tapenade is a mix of finely ground or blended olives, olive oil, garlic, parsley, sea salt, and black pepper. It’s a simple but decadent way to add some flare to your appetizer. Today we are sharing more tips to get you enjoying every bite.

1. It’s great to spread on crackers, pita chips, or bread.
2. Mix up your favorite tapenade with hummus and place on pita bread, topped with arugula.
3. Mix it in sauce with gnocchi, polenta, or pasta.
4. Stuff portobello mushrooms with your favorite ingredients and tapenade.
5. Mix in with Tuna salad sandwiches.
6. Enjoy with fresh veggies. Cucumber, celery, or carrots.
7. Add to pizza, in place of sauce. (Great with chicken, and our artichoke almond tapenade)
8. Make a mixed plate of falafel, hummus, pita bread, and our artichoke green olive tapenade.
9. Make a cold pasta with veggies and use tapenade as the dressing.
10. Make a Mediterranean burger with tapenade, tomato, red onion, and arugula
11. Add it to your avocado toast
12. Add to bread dough and make a delicious olive loaf.
13. Make a delicious wrap with tortilla, roasted peppers, cream cheese, tapenade, and red onion.
14. Make a caprese salad, with roasted peppers, fresh basil, tapenade, and a drizzle of delicious balsamic.
15. Spread over a bagel for breakfast.

There are so many fun ways to use these tapenade’s, it’s all about being creative.
How do you use these Tapenade’s in your cooking?

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  • I was gifted the Everything But the Kitchen Sink box. It has some very tasty and exciting flavors packed inside. I love the Artichoke Almond Tapenade so much and used it for a sandwich spread base in place of traditional mayo/mustard. It elevated the flavors of the turkey and cheese from my local deli. Thanks for a superb product!!

    Eleanor Vance on

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