The many uses of Sea Salt

The many uses of Sea Salt

Take it with a grain of salt! Salt is so much more special than just a tasty mineral that adds extra flavor when sprinkled on food, like our "Double Truffle Sea Salt.

Salt is also a staple in sweet recipes as it softens the taste of bitterness and enhances the flavor of sweetness. This is why a pinch of salt is always added to sweeten foods, such as cookies and cake.

Once perceived as valuable in Ancient Rome, soldiers were sometimes paid with it as currency. Historically salt gained it's value because of it's ability to preserve food.

Also, sea salt played an important role in tenderizing meat. Salting prevents bacterial growth and keeps meat safe by drawing the moisture out of it during the curing process.

Salt is a seasoning that has been used for centuries to add flavor to food, and is often perceived as a flavoring itself because it enhances the taste of ingredients.

Here at Wild Groves, we take our salts very seriously by offering you 5 distinct flavor profiles, to take your cooking to the next level.

You will find a wide variety from Himalaya Pink Sea Salt, to Spanish Rosemary, and even a Team Members favorite of ours Roasted Garlic Sea Salt.

With so many great flavor options, you'll find yourself enjoying multiples in your kitchen pantry!



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