Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

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Flavor - Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (Ancient Ocean)
Taste & Aroma - Clean, upfront salt flavor, with rounded mineral notes
Grain Size - Fine (usable in some shakers with larger holes, perfect in grinders, ideal for pinching and tossing!
Attributes - Beautiful pink color with a rich variety of trace minerals.  Harvested from ancient sea salt deposits that lie deep beneath the Himalayas, that was once a prehistoric ocean.  Now a famously pure mineral-rich salt, with astounding health benefits.

Uses, off the top of our head:

    • Keep close to the stove for a quick sprinkle during food prep and sauteing 
    • Season and rub meat before cooking or BBQ'ing
    • Add to a marinade
    • Sprinkle over fresh pasta & olive oil (Ascolano is our favorite)
    • Try a dash over oatmeal with a fresh persimmon or apple sauce

    Pairs well with:

    • Red Wine (big and flavorful)
    • Craft Beer (more robust like a Pale Ale, IPA or Belgian Style)
    • Dipping olive oil and balsamic vinegar (fruity, more robust oils)
    • Haba-Jala-peno Fiery Hot Mustard