Blackberry Shrub Part 2

Blackberry Shrub Part 2

After your mason jars have been fermenting in the fridge for 3 days you can strain the blackberries using a strainer over a bowl. Don't toss the fruit, because it is really tasty in your yogurt or over the top of ice cream. I always like to save mine for a garnish as well.


Once the Shrub is strained from the fruit. Pour about two tablespoons of shrub into a tall glass. Pour your favorite tonic water in with the shrub and stir generously. Add lots of ice to chill it down, and garnish with blackberries and mint if you like.


If you are not a fan of fizzy water, this also tastes great with still water. So, your favorite spring water is a great option.


Finally, if you are ready to turn your week up, make yourself a refreshing cocktail. Add 1 oz of Blackberry Shrub to 3 oz of Sparkling Champagne.


For a Blackberry Shrub Daiquiri:
In a shaker combine 1oz of Blackberry Shrub, 1/2 oz simple syrup, 1 oz lime juice, and 2 oz rum. Give it a nice shake, strain, and serve.


We hope you enjoy these 3 renditions of a Blackberry Shrub. Don't forget to follow the Fox to Wild Groves for more great EVOO tips and recipes.


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