Olive Oil Flatbread

Olive Oil Flatbread

Store-bought flatbreads, no more! These Olive Oil Flatbreads made with our Foxy Extra Virgin Olive Oil are quick and easy, made with only 6 simple ingredients. With just a 1 hour rise and a few minutes on the stove, these delicious flatbreads are ready to dip into your favorite spreads or used for wraps.

Olive Oil Flatbread Recipe:

  •  teaspoons active dry yeast 
  • Approximately 1 cup of warm water
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 2½ cups all purpose flour
  • 1.5 teaspoons fine sea salt
  • 3 tablespoons Wild Groves Foxy Olive Oil


  1. First, you'll need to activate your yeast. In a glass bowl, heat 1 cup of water until it is warm. If you have a thermometer, it should be around be between 95 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit (about 40 seconds in the microwave). Add in the sugar and stir to combine. Then, sprinkle in the yeast and leave it for 5-6 minutes until it is bubbly and frothy. 
  2. Next, add the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl. Mix together.
  3. Add in the yeast mixture and the olive oil at the same time, and mix thoroughly. If your dough is too sticky, add in a tablespoon of flour at a time until the dough doesn't stick to the bowl anymore. The dough should be kneaded for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Lightly oil another bowl and place the dough in it. Cover with a towel and leave in a warm place for an hour until the dough has doubled in size. 
  5. Lightly flour your work surface and place your dough on it. Begin to form it into a round ball. Then, using a sharp knife, cut the dough into 6 even pieces.
  6. Roll each piece into a ball and then flatten out with a rolling pin or with your hands. These don't have to be perfect!
  7. Heat a cast iron skillet that is lightly oiled with olive oil. 
  8. Cook each flatbread 2-3 minutes on one side. If it is golden brown and has bubbles, then it is ready to flip. Cook another 2-3 minutes on the other side until it is browned. Repeat with all flatbreads. 
  9. Cool on a wire rack or serve warm!


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  • I’ve made this twice; super easy and super delicious. We have a grill on our stovetop which works beautifully to cook these. Added some pizza sauces and toppings, instant pizza!
    Thanks for sharing

    Lori on
  • Wow…. what a simple, delicious recipe! It was a perfect base for homemade bruchetta!! Thank you

    Nicole on
  • Wow…. what a simple, delicious recipe! It was a perfect base for homemade bruchetta!! Thank you

    Nicole on
  • Making them today I’m sure they’ll be fantastic like many of your recipes and products are…. God bless you and your family and stay safe.

    Sal on

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