The 5 Best Uses for our Artichoke Spreads

The 5 Best Uses for our Artichoke Spreads

Wondering how to use our artichoke spreads besides using them as a spread for crackers or with crudités? Our Artichoke Spread and our Artichoke Green Olive Spread are packed with so much flavor and are the perfect accompaniment to a variety of dishes. This blog post is going to give you 5 new and creative ways to use our delicious tapenades! 


1. Use it on garlic bread for a savory side. 

For a fun take on traditional garlic bread, add a layer of one of our artichoke spreads to baguette or french bread slices. Then, make a mixture of our Double Garlic Olive Oil, grated parmesan cheese, roasted or minced garlic, and spread on top. Bake at 425 degrees F for 8-10 minutes (or until golden brown) and you've got a garlic bread packed with flavor to accompany pasta, soup, or whatever you'd like! 

2. Toss it with pasta, hot or cold! 

Did you know you could use our tapenades instead of pesto, red sauce, or alfredo on pasta? Because the spread is packed in a delicious olive oil, they are perfect for pasta salads or hot pasta dishes. Simply toss any type of cooked pasta with as much spread to cover, and add in your choice of protein, and any other veggies such as roasted peppers, eggplant, broccoli, or spinach! 

3. Add it to your avocado toast in the morning, or for a quick snack!

Paired with the creamy avocado, a crusty slice of bread, and a squeeze of lemon, these tapenades will shine on an avocado toast! The Artichoke Green Olive spread will pair especially well in this application, as the green olives add the perfect amount of briny, savory flavor. 

4. Use as a spread in a wrap, panini, sandwich, or a burger.

To add rich flavor to a wrap, panini, sandwich, or burger, look no further than our artichoke spreads. We would suggest a caprese panini stuffed with fresh mozarella, tomatoes, basil leaves, artichoke spread, and a little balsamic. Alternatively, either spread would pair beautifully with a greek style burger or wrap with feta cheese, thinly sliced red onion, and juicy tomatoes. 

5. Spread on top of your homemade pizzas!

Either of our delicious tapenades are perfect for pizza night at home. Substitute the tapenade for the red sauce, or dollop it on top of the red sauce for added flavor, especially if you are low on pizza toppings that night. To dress up your pizza crust, add the tapenade in a thin layer and then sprinkle cheese overtop for a decadent crust. 

These 5 ways to use our artichoke spreads are our absolute favorite! Especially when you're in a pinch, these spreads are a fantastic way to add flavor to even the simplest dishes. Let us know your favorite way in the comments below! 


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