New Release of Wild Grove's Bulk bags features and benefits

New Release of Wild Grove's Bulk bags features and benefits

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Wild Grove's is releasing New Bulk Bags in our Extra Virgin Olive Oils. By packing our olive oils in larger volumes, we are ensuring that you get the best product. Our new bags will keep your oils fresher and lasting longer than any other packaging on the market. Most importantly, as you dispense from our new bags, no air is allowed back into the bag, thus protecting it from oxidation. The multi layered foil liner also protects it from oxidation and light, the two worst enemies of EVOO.

We have three new sizes to choose from: 750ML, 1.5L, and 3L.

You'll love how economical these new bags are, for example, the 3 Liter bag is equivalent to 6 x 500ML bottles. Therefore, we are saving on an incredible amount of material, weight, and shipping costs, drastically decreasing our carbon footprint. Something you, and we can all feel good about.

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