Mikan Mandarin White Balsamic Vinegar

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Our Mikan Mandarin White Balsamic Vinegar is packed full of sweet mandarin orange flavor, and the citrus flavors bring out just the right amount of zestiness!

Flavor - Mandarin, citrus, fruity and crisp
Taste & Aroma - Smooth sweet mandarin flavor, bursting with fresh citrus
Di Modena Italy - Infused white balsamic vinegar

A few recommended uses:

  • Pour over salad (on its own or blended in a vinaigrette)
  • Drizzle over fresh fruit
  • Add to yogurt or a smoothie
  • Include in a citrus marinade 

Pairs well with:


  • Cooked grape must, white wine vinegar, natural flavoring

Acidity 4%



Serving size 15ML (1 tbsp)
33 servings is for a 500ML bottle
Hand crafted by Dewey here in Newcastle, CA